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Feng Shui Does Lunch

Feng Shui means "wind and water" is an ancient Chinese practice in which the environment is a metaphor for everything that occurs during one's lifetime. This month, Angel Thompson, author of Feng Shui, evaluates five L.A. restaurants known for power lunches. Thompson uses her own scale (1 - iced chi; 10 = free-flowing chi).


8764 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood

La Dome
8702 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood

Original Pantry Cafe
877 South Figueroa
Los Angeles

Ca Del Sole
4100 Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles

Pink's Hot Dog Stand
711 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles

  • High curved ceiling resonates chi.
  • Immense casual dining room promotes flow of energy - and table hopping.
  • Circular bar collects energy, facilitates communication.
  • Five central "power" tables create energy nexus.
  • Entrance faces southeast, Feng Shui's "money" direction.
  • Mayor owns it.
  • Attractive bar has money making curves.
  • Large patio sheltered by flora, extending flow of chi from dining room.
  • Walk-up order grill radiates energy and typifies feng shui hospitality.
  • Wall of celebrity head shots amplifies chi and encourages wanna-bes.
  • Glass wall opposite main entrance short-circuits incoming energy.

  • Bar is displaced from main dining area, diverting chi from the room.

  • Segmented dining area, dark ambiance encourage intrigue and divisiveness.
  • Lingering cigar odor.
  • Building's energy is threatened by neighboring skyscrapers.
  • Cashier enclosed in theater-styled ticket booth, suggesting lack of trust.
  • Mayor owns it.
  • Long crack in floor separates cashier from bar profits.
  • Rest rooms too close to main entrance - may lure deal closers away from meal.
  • Floor is closed toward street, draining profits.
  • Counter area too narrow.
  • Create focal point in bar area with tables or plants.
  • Put kitchen on display to establish trust.
  • Highlight back rooms to lessen stigma of not sitting at a power table.
  • Improve ventilation.
  • Separate the entrance and exit doors so that patrons won't be confused about whether they are coming or going.
  • Encourage cash flow with fountain in foyer.
  • Paint fake cracks on floor to camouflage real one.
  • Spruce up patio with a few plants.
  • Serve chi burgers.
Feng Shui

6 1/2

8 /12



7 1/2